Hemorrhoid Banding

Hemorrhoid Banding is a relatively quick procedure performed in the office with the goal of reducing or eliminating the symptoms related to internal hemorrhoids.  The procedure is performed by placing a small short tube (the “ligator”) into the anal canal and lower rectum.  Once the ligator is in proper position, hemorrhoidal tissue is suctioned into the hollow tip of the ligator, and a small rubber band in placed around the base of the hemorrhoid thus cutting off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid.  The hemorrhoidal tissue will then wither and drop off (along with the band) in a few days, leaving a small ulcer which will then heal over time (usually within 1-2 weeks).  The procedure is generally painless but may cause a dull ache or sense of fullness or cramping in the rectum.  These side effects usually resolve within 24 hours.  Using Tylenol or Ibuprofen can help to relieve any discomfort.  Because of the anatomy of internal hemorrhoids, most patients will need to have three hemorrhoidal band treatments performed, and they are generally scheduled 2-4 weeks apart.  For a few days after your hemorrhoidal banding, it is advised that you avoid vigorous exercise and avoid becoming constipated (with the help of a stool softener if needed).  

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